Cover Reveal: A Griffin Scorned

It’s that time again, and today we’re proud to reveal the spectacular cover of author Veronica R. Calisto’s upcoming debut urban fantasy, A Griffin Scorned. This is the first in her Extranormal series and shows the clandestine world of griffins that even the other extranormal creatures believe are myth.

Happy Valentine's Day!

One year ago, we released R.C. Murphy‘s first Inbetween novel, Enslaved. It’s done quite well and we couldn’t be more pleased with not only the book and R.C.’s writing skills, […]

It's a Holiday Half-Price e-Stocking Stuffer Sale!

Happy Christmahanukwanzica!

We love holidays around here, as you may have noticed the snow drifting gently across your screen and the myriad of Christmas tree posts on Facebook. But what we love most about holidays is the opportunity to slash prices on ALL of our books!