A Griffin Scorned

Hello Readers, For the entire weekend of Halloween, Dusk of Death will be on sale for $0.99 on Amazon and then slowly creep back up to its original price throughout the week until November […]

Meet the Author

I sort of went crazy on here about the whole idea of being forced to tell the truth. The idea intrigued me and won’t let me go, with a myriad […]

Time's Nearly Up!

Woot! What a promotion. Did you pick up your copy for $1.99? Yes? Fantastic! But in case you missed it, the sale will continue. For the next 14 hours, you […]

A Griffin Scorned on SALE!

Woot! What a promotion. Did you pick up your copy for 99 cents? Yes? Fantastic! But in case you missed it, the sale, no longer 99 cents, will continue. For […]

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We are getting so close to a major countdown! The Fall Break Kindle Fire Giveaway is rolling along. Don’t forget to enter the contest by clicking the image below. Here in […]

Fall Break Giveaway Details

So are you ready for the giveaway details? We are going to have a blast! A Kindle Fire and gift cards? The Kindle Book Review’s Kindle Fire Giveaway in conjunction […]

The Fall Break Kindle Fire Giveaway!

We have a lovely run up for you. Veronica R. Calisto’s debut novel A Griffin Scorned will amaze and dazzle you. If you’ve already read it, we’d love to hear from you! We appreciate our readers and hope you continue to enjoy the quality reads we put out.

Book Release: A Griffin Scorned

A Griffin Scorned Are you ready for author Veronica R. Calisto‘s upcoming urban fantasy, A Griffin Scorned? The first in her Extranormal series, the story unfolds around the clandestine world of griffins […]

Writer Wednesday: Veronica R. Calisto

Hello Readers and welcome to our Library. Today, we’re interviewing author Veronica R. Calisto, whose debut novel A Griffin Scorned is about to release. ___________________________________ What types of books do you write? […]