Genre: Horror

The Dracove

The Dracove

Kylie O’Rourke has unwittingly walked into the path of two vampyres—one who wants to use her as a sacrifice, and one who only wishes to win her heart. As she is pulled into their clandestine world, she learns more about her history and the reason behind her horrible nightmares. More info →
Gods & Vampyres

Gods & Vampyres

War. The act never changes, only its players over thousands of years. When Kylie is taken for use as a sacrifice in an ancient ritual, Grantlund races to save her life, but he has to wait for that perfect moment or all will be lost. Not only does he have to go up against his former Master, Cianán, one of the oldest and most powerful vampyres on Earth, but now the gods are involved, and Cianán has a very prominent one in his corner. More info →
Dusk of Death: an Armen Leza, Demon Hunter novel (Book 1)

Dusk of Death: an Armen Leza, Demon Hunter novel (Book 1)

When Armen Leza fell from Hell, demon hunting was the last thing on her mind, but when all Hell breaks loose, this Fallen is humankind’s only hope for salvation. More info →
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The  Token

The Token

When Patience receives an unwanted token from a stranger, she doesn’t expect the life-altering events that follow, but after her few days of good luck turn sour, she’s more than willing to rid herself of the thing and the shadows that come with it. More info →