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Hello Just Ink Press fans!

We have a lovely run up for you. Veronica R. Calisto‘s debut novel A Griffin Scorned will amaze and dazzle you. If you’ve already read it, we’d love to hear from you! We appreciate our readers and hope you continue to enjoy the quality reads we put out.

Kindle FireWe have exciting news! The Kindle Book Review’s next Kindle Fire Giveaway runs Oct 12-25. The FALL BREAK KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY, co-sponsored with Just Ink Press and Veronica R Calisto, is promising to be an exciting event! Anthony at Digital Book Today will also throw in 4 – $50 Amazon gift cards, making this an almost $400 giveaway. Are you excited yet? Getting pumped up? *does warm ups* Alright, come on, guys. *waves pom poms* We’re talking a Kindle Fire HD! And gift cards. Fifty dollar gift cards. 😀

Amazon Gift Card*pauses for the cheers*

*standing ovation*

Thank you, thank you. But the real act here is Veronica. A Griffin Scorned is brilliantly written and will keep you turning pages. What better way to read it than on your own new Kindle Fire? There’s not too many ways. Keep watching this space as we bring you news and updates as the event unfolds.

We are looking to promote this extensively, and hope you’ll join us. Details will follow as we get moving in this exciting giveaway, including how to enter. We want our followers to get as many chances to win as possible. What’s a better way to spend October than reading about griffins and entering giveaways? Imagine the books and candy you can buy with 50 bucks.

AGS_200x300If you’ve read A Griffin Scorned, then you know what a spectacular read you have been treated to. Tell your friends and family, and tell Veronica. Writers love to hear from their readers, and she’s no different.

One of my favorite movies is Moulin Rouge. The story of betrayal, truth, beauty, and love. The sitar player and the magical sitar that only spoke the truth is a subtle yet important aspect that moves the story. In A Griffin Scorned, we find that Griffins are impossible to lie to. Have you ever wondered what that would be like? The consequences in our world of having to say truth in everything in a society that is offended by the least offense? What about in a love situation. “Do these pants make me look fat?” All of a sudden, that question, already rife with landmines, becomes immediately lethal. Okay, I joked, but in seriousness, think, what would you do in the presence of a truth serum in the form of a Griffin lover, friend, parent?

Oooh. New Acronym In the Making: What Would You Do if You Were a Griffin Truth Serum. No? Yeah, it’s a little bad. We could go with, So You Think You’re a Griffin. Still no? *thinks* Griffin, Truth, and Love…nawww those initials sound like a car brand. Sigh. Well, it was a thought. Now see, if we were in the presence of a griffin, you would feel compelled to respond, “Yeah, and not a good one.” *grins* I’d agree, obviously, but still. Could you resist that compulsion?

Now, to be fair, I can’t tell you if you are compelled to speak, or only speak truth if words leave your mouth. But, as a reader, I have this sort of rule. If just the back cover makes me wonder these things, how much more could the book do? What could be in store for me? Is it possible, I can be dazzled (not to be confused with being bedazzled 😛 )? I think it’s safe to say that I’ve read hundreds of thousands of books, possibly over a million when you think of the children’s books I’ve also read to my children. It is hard to dazzle me. I do love a good story, but I search for a story to captivate me and inspire the imagination.

We’ll continue our look at Veronica and A Griffin Scorned as she helps host this wonderful party. Are you ready?

Visit the Kindle Book Review website to enter the giveaway or enter below, and GOOD LUCK!!!

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