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I sort of went crazy on here about the whole idea of being forced to tell the truth. The idea intrigued me and won’t let me go, with a myriad of stories running through my head about it. Since the idea won’t leave me alone (I loved Moulin Rouge and have been thinking of a story since then that I may now have to write. Thanks Veronica đŸ˜› ), I decided to ask her about it and since I asked her one question, figured I’d go for three. So here you go. A mini interview with our erstwhile writer, Veronica R Calisto.


I’ve really become obsessed with the ‘must tell the truth’ aspect of your griffins. What inspired this?

Really, just thinking through what things are possible when one is deep enough in an element. There’s the flashy things, making air solid enough to walk on or changing the refractive properties so one is invisible, but I thought longer on it. Speaking requires air, so the air could affect the words that come out. All of that mixed in with the idea of honor surrounding griffins in a Tamora Pierce series (the Tortall quad about Daine).

Are you going to write another one with these characters?

I have to. There’s some lovely things going on in my head, but I don’t know who kills the person who dies or why. Forcing it is giving me NOTHING, so I have to let it simmer longer. In the meantime, I’ll torture new people in my head.

YAY! More writing! Glad I’m not one of her characters.

What is your favorite part about writing?

The torture?

(*hehe me too…see Mayhem if you’re curious…)

No, though that is a perk, I enjoy delving into new worlds with new people and pulling things out of myself I didn’t know was there. Poking at my own darkness, my own fears, and glaring right back at them. Twisting them into something I can grow from and learn from.

Also, I love fun words. Like diaphanous and pseudo stratified ciliated columnar epithelium.

(*Blinks. I’m fairly certain I know most of those words…)

How much did you cry when you received your edits? Be honest. It’s for posterity.

Well, I couldn’t breathe, and you need air to cry……

(There is that. The Count will be disappointed.)

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