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So are you ready for the giveaway details? We are going to have a blast! A Kindle Fire and gift cards? The Kindle Book Review’s Kindle Fire Giveaway in conjunction with Just Ink Press and Veronica Calisto runs Oct 12-25. The FALL BREAK KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY is just getting underway. Digital Book Today will also throw in 4 – $50 Amazon gift cards, making this an almost $400 giveaway. Lots of exciting things happening. 😀 For today, I’ll be sharing links, because, well, I’m in a sharing sort of mood. A Griffin Scorned is pretty awesome and available on Amazon. Prime readers can read it for FREE! And if you’re wanting to buy it, watch this space for the best deals in the house! Here’s the link for the giveaway (click on the image below). Are you ready? Seriously have some swag coming for this one! Did you see all the books on there?

click here!
click here!

No worries, you have plenty of chances to win. In the meantime, we’ll just show you how to stalk follow Veronica R Calisto! Are you a fan of interaction in 40 characters or less? She’s @QueenCalisto on twitter, which is how I first met her, a while back. Two authors trying to break in. I’m so excited for her. Go ahead and be sure to tell her hi, and make sure to drive her nuts she’ll return the favor.

She has a website as well. Lots of ways for you to fangirl or fanguy over her. You can even track her down on Facebook, if you’d like. Or you can find all of her webspaces HERE.

I’m still thinking about the truth thing. You have to tell the truth. Just today, there came a time when telling the truth would have hurt feelings and caused fighting. Instead, I gave a sideways smile and shook my head. Earlier in the week, if I’d not bit my tongue, yeah, I’d still be dealing with it. Instead, I tune out all the negative drama, try to find the nice this person seems to suck out of me with alarming regularity, and remind myself that not speaking is because the drama isn’t worth my time. I did deflect and say something else to turn the conversation, but that’s not always possible. What situations have you been in where blurting the truth may have caused drama you didn’t want to deal with (no names, please), or would have hurt a loved ones’ feelings (like, the breakfast the kids cook for you doesn’t actually taste good, but you say it does…)? What do you do? Is there a trick to handling it that you’ve found?

So much of society is built on “white lies” so what would be an actual lie? Would white lies count? Would what seems to already to be a world ready to fight just because we are all painted a different color become a dystopian world? How many relationships are built on the understanding of white lies. I know I have issues answering fine when someone asks how I’m doing when I’ve had a bad day. But the clerk behind the register really doesn’t care; it’s just polite small talk.

I love that A Griffin Scorned has me still thinking about the premise. Truth is important to me. Always has been. The lack of truth can be more hurtful at times than hard truths. What say you? And this is why I love books so much. I love when they get you to thinking and what not.

We at Just Ink PressTM would really like to keep the excitement going. Please feel free to share the love all over the place. And, if you like what you read, a review wouldn’t be remiss either and would, in fact, be seriously appreciated. The Fall Break Kindle Fire giveaway is going on now. What would you get if you won a 50 dollar gift card? How would you choose? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment.

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