Writer Wednesday: Veronica R. Calisto

Veronica R. Calisto
Veronica R. Calisto

Hello Readers and welcome to our Library. Today, we’re interviewing author Veronica R. Calisto, whose debut novel A Griffin Scorned is about to release.


What types of books do you write? And do you read the same genre you write?

I write science Fiction and Fantasy. I generally get bored with the possibilities if there isn’t some sort of fantasy element in what I write, though the science nerd in me will have scientific explanations for the fantastical pieces.

I have a similar penchant for boredom in reading books if there is no fantasy in them, but good writing is good writing. I drool at Steinbeck, Orwell’s 1984 still gives me shivers, and I love love love Boccaccio’s Decameron.

What was your inspiration for your book, or how did it come about?

I wanted to write something with an uncommon creature. After shaking through a few, a griffin rose to the top, then I set it in the percolator in the back of my mind to gather the rest of the story elements. Things slowly adhered and then the story started yelling at me to write it. I am a slave to my imaginary people.

Is this a sequel? A series? Are there more planned for the series? Tell us about them.

This feels like the first in a trilogy. I have lovely scenes playing in my head from time to time of the first half of the next book. I just don’t know who the killer (whoops, spoiler), I mean who bad guy is. To be certain, however, happy times are in store for Victoria.

Can you name any books that you absolutely MUST read the moment you see it/them?

Anything by Gail Carriger, Madelyn Alt, Laura Resnick, Ilona Andrews, Nicole Peeler. *sigh* As the list of authors grows, the chances of me being able to read them right when they come out decreases. C’est la vie.

Who is your favorite author(s)?

All of the above, and Lilith Saintcrow, Tamora Pierce, C.E. Murphy, Robin McKinley, Lois Lowry, Patricia Wrede.

Why do you write in general? What motivates or inspires you to write or is inspiration for your stories?

I right because I can’t not. Every interaction with people or not people (scenery, animals, etc) inspires a snippet of a story idea. Things I love. Things that piss me off to no end. It all goes into the percolator.

Can you give any hints as to what’s in store for future books?

Victoria 2 is a-percolating. An urban fantasy YA is in the self-induced, heart-crushing edit process. A completely different UF, adult this time instead of YA, is in the latter stages of outlining/world building.

What do you find is the best way to work (in the quiet, with music, TV on, etc.)?

Writing requires music whose words I know well enough to sing without focusing on. Editing needs something slightly more distracting, so I am not sucked into the story. I can’t do anything and listen to classical to the same time. Classical music steals all of my focus away. Yes, that includes conducting to an invisible symphony.

Tell our readers what books of yours are available and where they can purchase them.

This is my first published work and it is available through Just Ink Press Inc. A link to purchase will be available on my website www.veronicarcalisto.com, and I can be reached via Facebook (Veronica R. Calisto) and on twitter (@QueenCalisto).



Victoria—never Vikki—Drayton walked in on her boyfriend with another woman. In her house. In her bed. Rather than eviscerate the fetid maggot spit as she so wanted, she kept it classy. After kicking him out with a warning to never return, she thrashed whatever he deigned to leave behind, and flew off in search of something a tad less cannibalistic to sink her beak into.

Instead of the brown bear she was hoping for, she found some men escorting a chained man none-so-gently toward the nearest cliff. Sweeping in to beat up the louts channeled some of her anger. Saving Mallory Stone—tall, rich, dragon, and so gorgeous he had to be gay—was a bonus, even if she had to reveal the existence of griffins and some of their idiosyncrasies in the process. Mal showed up on her doorstep a few days later begging a favor; his brother has disappeared and he needs her help. Who better than a griffin to claw to the truth of the matter?


A Griffin Scorned releases August 26, 2014 via Just Ink PressTM, but you can Pre-Order the book now.


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