Cover Reveal: A Griffin Scorned

It’s that time again, and today we’re proud to reveal the spectacular cover of author Veronica R. Calisto‘s upcoming debut urban fantasy, A Griffin Scorned. This is the first in her Extranormal series and shows the clandestine world of griffins that even the other extranormal creatures believe are myth.

But let’s take a look at the book first….


Victoria—never Vikki—Drayton walked in on her boyfriend with another woman. In her house. In her bed. Rather than eviscerate the fetid maggot spit as she so wanted, she kept it classy. After kicking him out with a warning to never return, she thrashed whatever he deigned to leave behind, and flew off in search of something a tad less cannibalistic to sink her beak into.

Instead of the brown bear she was hoping for, she found some men escorting a chained man none-so-gently toward the nearest cliff. Sweeping in to beat up the louts channeled some of her anger. Saving Mallory Stone—tall, rich, dragon, and so gorgeous he had to be gay—was a bonus, even if she had to reveal the existence of griffins and some of their idiosyncrasies in the process. Mal showed up on her doorstep a few days later begging a favor; his brother has disappeared and he needs her help. Who better than a griffin to claw to the truth of the matter?


Ready for the cover? Here you go…



A Griffin Scorned will be available on Amazon on August 26, 2014. Join our book release event that day and enter to win some great prizes!

What do you think of the cover? 

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