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Dear Friends,

If you have read any of the books on our bookshelf, please review the book on the site you purchased it from and/or on Goodreads. Our authors would appreciate your honesty and effort.

If you are a book reviewer with a blog or website focused on book reviews, and you would like to review some of our books, please go to our Review Copies page to contact us. We will give you a copy for review. This includes upcoming books. If those are not listed, contact us to see what we have available.

We love reviews. Honest, to-the-point reviews. They help us figure out how we’re doing as a publisher and what you think of our writers’ works. We have a nice little variety for you below.


Impulse_100x150 Enslaved_100x150  The Dracove_100x150 GodsVamps_100x150 IntoTheDarkness-Final Temptation ITD_100x150 MiM_200x300

Thank you!

Just Ink Press

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