A Quick Note

Hey everyone,

We know we’re starting out a bit slow on getting some books out to you, but it’s mainly because we want the books we produce to be the best they can be. Here’s an update on what’s in books in our near future.

Right now, Raven McAllan’s novella Impulse is on sale for $1.99. We’re working on the second novella in the Sogni dei Isola series, Temptation, as we type this note. We’ll have an anthology along the paranormal magical element lines available the third week in August. We’ll also have a few new authors arriving soon, starting with another anthology (erotic) and a romantic thriller. RC Murphy is currently putting the finishing touches on In Too Deep, her sequel to her self-published novella Be Ours Forever before she attacks the next Inbetween novel. Leona Bushman is in the process of reworking a zombie book for us, and NL “Jinxie” Gervasio‘s third Prophecy series book, Gemini, is in the works as we speak, with a companion novella, Secrets: A Vampyre’s Journal, as well as her second Kick-Ass Girls Club book, Assassin.

We may have some YA books coming at you in the future, as well as some crazy fun books.

Stay tuned!

Just Ink Press, LLC

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