Writer Wednesday – NL Gervasio with The Dracove

NL “Jinxie” Gervasio

We welcome author NL “Jinxie” Gervasio into the Just Ink library today to discuss the first of her Prophecy series books, The Dracove.

*interview hijacked by Leona*

Jinxie, welcome!

Thanks! Happy to be here.

So, Jinxie, first explain that title to us.

*laughs* Well, it’s a word I made up for one branch of vamp(y)res.

There’s more than one? *rubs hands together with glee* And I see you’ve changed the spelling of vampires.

Yes. I never do anything easy or half-assed. By the way, there are three types of vamps throughout the series. *grins*

*Bites tongue against so many remarks that come to mind.* I like that premise. Sounds good!

Um, you’ve published the book. Shouldn’t you know what’s in it?

Oh, right. We don’t all have time to read every author’s book, although we’re all working on it!

I’m the FIRST author. Oh fine, whatever.

*ahem* *whispers and ducks* But not the last. All right then, let’s get to the other questions….

What types of books do you write? And do you read the same genre(s) you write?

I cover a lot of ground. Contemporary romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, horror thriller, fantasy . . . if I start any new genres, I’ll let you know.

I love a multifaceted author. What was your inspiration for this book, or how did it come about?

I originally wrote this book 15 years ago, and the inspiration came from a song titled “A Thousand Curses on Love” by Richard Searles. It wasn’t like I hadn’t heard the song several times already, but in the midst of the song, an idea was born, and it played out like a movie in my mind. Then, of course, came SEVERAL edits to get the monster down to an acceptable word count level.

Can you name any books that you absolutely MUST read the moment you see it?

Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs!

Wow! I live in Yakima Valley, and Briggs is from Tri-cities, only about a 45 minute drive from me. Ha! 😀 Must be something in the water….

Why do you write in general? What motivates or inspires you to write or is inspiration for your stories?

This answer hasn’t changed much over the years. I write because I have to or I’ll go mad. There are a lot of characters running around in my mind, and if I don’t let them out once in a while, they tend to make me crazy, which sounds kind of crazy in retrospect. I’ve always said that writers are just schizophrenics with an outlet. *grins* No offense to any schizophrenics out there.

Who’s your favorite character from any of your books? Why?

Shawn. You’ll meet him in Book III of the Prophecy series, Gemini. He even has his own Twitter, Facebook fangpage, and blog (which has a good chunk of book three posted). He’s a bad boy women tend to fall in love with, but they just don’t realize how dark he is. He’s fun to be around and will get you into trouble, but probably not the kind of trouble you’d want to be in. *laughs*

Can you give any hints as to what’s in store for future books?

Oh yes! The third Prophecy series book—Gemini—will be out near the end of spring, and the second Kick-Ass Girls Club series book—Assassin—will be out near the end of summer, provided I can have it written, edited, edited, and polished by then. I think my readers of that series are about to kill me. I’d also like to introduce everyone to my werewolves at some point in the near future.


Calm down, people! It’ll be out this year!

You’ve overcome a lot of adversity in your career as a writer. Do you think that has any impact on your novels and your ability to write them?

Sure do. I’ve learned a lot over the years, especially when I first started editing professionally two years ago. That’s why editing the vamp series has been so difficult—there were so many newbie writer mistakes. I’ve definitely seen a huge difference in my writing between then and now. My real life also tends to filter into the stories. Happens with most writers, I presume.

Tell our readers what books of yours are available and where they can purchase them.


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