The Dracove

The Dracove

Merry Christmas, everyone! Looking for something to read this wonderful holiday? Look no more!

How much time do we really have before we die, and does immortality truly exist?

The Dracove by NL Gervasio

Kylie O’Rourke has unwittingly walked into the path of two vampyres—one who wants to use her as a sacrifice, and one who only wishes to win her heart. As she is pulled into their clandestine world, she learns more about her history and the reason behind her horrible nightmares.

Master vampyre Cianán searches for the one woman who could take his immortality to the next level—godhood. But, when he finds his Chosen One, his progeny Grantlund stumbles onto the Master’s plan . . . again. As if losing his first sacrifice to the bastard wasn’t enough, the Fates were to torment him with a second time.

NL Gervasio‘s book The Dracove is now available for purchase! Just click on the book cover and it will take you to the book on Amazon.


    1. Thanks! I reworked the drawing a bit and had Lori do some Photoshop on it, then I threw the cover together. LOL


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